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Liberty-OVE provides quality FREE services to active duty wounded warriors, veterans, and first responders, as well as their families.  Providing for recuperation, solace, and healing from the physical and mental injuries suffered or received during the line of duty. 

 First and foremost, if you are struggling with PTSD, use the get help now button below and an email will be sent to our resiliency center, help is on the way!  

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11 November Virginia Beach Veteran's Day Parade

11 November Veterans Remembrance and fundraiser at 615 Bar and Grill, Virginia Beach, VA


Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders created a safe, reliable, and effective way to combat the effects of PTSD.   

This ground breaking protocol, unlike many therapies, does not ask the member to relive the trauma. This protocol was specifically developed to help veterans and emergency responders overcome and neutralize the effects of the trauma they experienced while performing their duties.  Our organization is made up of veterans that have walked through the flame as well and are here to help!


Healing Veterans

Our Veterans answered our Nation's call and signed an unlimited liability contract when it came to their service.  We understand what it means to come home from a deployment and not be the same person you were when you left.  Those traumatic events can leave you feeling isolated, empty inside and cause us to not be able to connect with the world around us.  Our Veterans placed their lives on the line and answered our nation's call, now we are answering their call...we hear you and are here to help.

Sponsor a Veteran to receive a FREE TRIP session

Healing Law Enforcement

Our Law Enforcement Officers have a duty to serve and protect.  They are often in high stakes, no fail situations where life or death decisions need to be made in the blink of an eye.  At the end of the day, our law enforcement officers go home to their friends and family however, the trauma isn't removed just because the uniform comes off.  Our law enforcement officers often feel disconnected, on guard at all times, and live a life of hypervigilance.  That hypervigilance is exhausting and we are here to help.  You no longer need to carry the weight of PTSD from day-to-day.  Just like the weight of the vest you wear and take off at the end of the day, we can help you put down the weight of PTSD...forever!

Sponsor a Law Enforcement Officer to receive a FREE TRIP session

(Courtesy DanSun Photo Art. PTSD Stigma)

Healing Firefighters

As people run away and try to escape from burning buildings or horrific accidents, our firefighters run towards the event.  That selfless dedication to put other's lives above their own is heroic.  With those experiences, sometimes on a daily basis, can lead to complex PTSD.  Being exposed to those traumatic events can wear down even the strongest of firefighters.  Just like you ran to the burning building to save others, Liberty Nation is running towards you to help you overcome the horrific affects of PTSD so you can get back to saving others.  

Sponsor a Firefighter to receive a FREE TRIP session

Healing Emergency Medical Services

Our Emergency Medical Services arrive on the scene, ready to engage and save lives daily.  From tragic car accidents to residential shootings, they service right along our Law Enforcement and Firefighters alike.  Without a doubt, the pressure associated with trying to save someone's life is enormous.  That pressure, coupled with traumatic events can directly lead to PTSD.  Let us help you relieve that pressure and regain your life how you knew it prior to suffering from PTSD.

Sponsor a Emergency Medical Services Member to receive a FREE TRIP session
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