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Meet The Team


Michael G. Murray II

Founder and President

Michael G. Murray II is a retired Marine infantry officer and 100% disabled veteran.  He started LibertyOVE due to his desire to help others through the tragedies that effect those that serve both our nation and our communities. He has been there, and knows the many ways both mental and physical injuries can affect the individual, and their family.


Woodrow D. Murray III

Board of Directors

Woodrow "Woody" D. Murray III has a  passion to help others who are affected by the tragic circumstances that scar us and change our lives forever.  Woody, is an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor and knows well how the effects of trauma can impact lives.



Charles "Stanz" Stansbury

Board of Directors

Senior Master Sergeant Charles “Stanz” Stansbury retired after 26 years service in the world’s best Air Force. He is also a 100% disabled veteran. After deploying to several locations in the Middle East, he and his wife settled down near Nashville, Tennessee. His wife also served 23 years in the Air Force. 


As the spouse of someone that has struggled with PTSD, he has seen what the effects of the debilitation condition can do to an individual and a family. He has been brought on board to help and assist all veterans and their families.


Marcela Monahan


We are proud to announce the addition of Brigadier General Marcela Monahan (USMC Ret) to our team.  Marcela brings a  wealth of leadership experience, innovative ideas, and a passion to help others.  We are fortunate to have her as a mentor, and voice for our mission. 

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Monica Matthews

Board of Directors

President, Clear Talk Media, Nationally Syndicated Host " Life, Love & Liberty", Spokesperson,  Political Consultant/Strategist, Child Advocate, Published Author & Founder, THIRST University. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Monica has worked along side legislators and constituents across the US to bridge socio-cultural gaps where policy meets the real needs of all Americans.  Facilitating ministry needs, Monica has served for over twelve years with a focus on trauma and redemption of the whole person and the restoration of the family unit. She has deployed to disaster areas as a volunteer with Samaritan's Purse. 

As a corporate consultant, Monica brings years of ministry and national talk radio experience in her efforts to establish cohesion and productivity in the workplace-  better known as the emotional quotient- whether boardroom or political campaign war room. Monica is a Grammy nominated singer.  Proficient in German, on-air crisis mitigation & narrative strategy.


John Armellino

Board of Directors

Colonel John Armellino (USMC Retired) is a former boss of Mike Murray.  He is a father, husband,  a Marine, and a true leader.  John has experienced he worst of what wartime injuries can do to his Marines and their families.  We are blessed to have such a great leader join our Board.


Jon Scrabeck

Board of Directors

Lieutenant Colonel Jon Scrabeck (USMC Retired) is also a former boss of Mike's, and their families are great friends. Jon too knows the struggles of the injured and wounded, and how it affects their day-to-day lives. Jon is one of the hardest working men you will ever meet. Liberty-OVE is privileged to have him join us

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Scott T. Hendrick

Chief Of Operations

CMSgt Scott T. Hendrick, USAF, Retired is our Chief of Operations and is passionate about helping veterans and emergency responders with overcoming their struggles with PTSD and the horrible impacts of suicide.  

Suicide first impacted him at a very early age, 15, when a family member took their own life.  Seeing the devastating affects of suicide pushed him to have an impact in others lives and became an advocate for suicide awareness throughout his 26 year Air Force career.  

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