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Til Valhalla 

The lyrics to this song were written by Major Michael Murray, a retired Marine.  The song is a reference to Valhalla, the Norse Viking version of the warrior's heaven.

It was inspired by the loss of fellow Marines, service members and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This song was fueled by Mike's personal struggle with post traumatic stress.  He knows firsthand the struggle endured by veterans and emergency responders. 

Sadly, about 28.8 veterans take their own lives every day according to a 2020 DoD study.  Additionally, suicide plagues all categories of emergency responders.  Many of these tragic losses of life are connected directly to Post Traumatic Stress.  

As many as 30% of the total veteran population has been diagnosed with PTSD according to the Veterans Administration's National Center for PTSD.  On average, 5.9-22% of first responders suffer from Post Traumatic Stress according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).,, and Liberty OVE have teamed up to make a difference in the world by creating and publishing this song to bring awareness to the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress and the reality that there is hope and help!  Proceeds from this song will be used to spread the message of hope for the elimination of Post Traumatic Stress and to fund training programs for those who wish to join the team so veterans and emergency responders can live PTSD-Free!!!


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Liberty Nation will donate 25% of all proceeds from the contributions made on the release of this incredible song "Til Valhalla", in honor of Sarge Summers and his commitment to serving our Heroes!  Sarge Summers was an incredible man of stature.  A devout Christian and a loving husband, grandfather, and friend.  He served 20+ years as a U.S. Army Ranger.  He had a love and commitment to Love Hope Ranch, a nonprofit that serves Veterans, First Responders and their families with PTSD.  In 2021, Sarge made a personal commitment to invest in the Love Hope Ranch and helped raise money to start the adoption process for their therapy horses with the support of Oilfield Connections International, which he founded.  This week, Sarge lost his life in a tragic accident in Midland Texas.  He will be greatly missed by all that knew Sarge.  Love Hope Range and Liberty Nation are forever grateful for his outstanding dedication to patriotism and taking care of our Veterans and Emergency Responders.  For the next 30 Days, we have selected Sarge Summers as our Veteran and Hero of the Month.  Thank you Sarge Summers....Til Valhalla my Friend!

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