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2021 Year in Review

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Volunteer Corner

We are seeking new fundraising and promotions volunteers. We need you to help us build a strong support base by sharing our social media, encouraging others to subscribe, and to set up online and/or in-person fundraisers. If you are a motivated self-starter we need you now! Here are some simple things you can do to help us grow, and raise funds to carryout our important work.

Follow and share our social media posts as often as possible.

  • Pick us when holding social media fundraisers on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Join our Live Events on social media and help us spread the word about TRIP.

  • Connect us to your local police, fire, EMS, or veterans organization and discuss them sponsoring a training session.

  • Create your own local fundraiser. It can be something as simple as a Facebook group, an office collection, or anything you can imagine.

  • Inform us of any large events in your area that we should look into, and provide us with the Points of Contact. Even better if you know someone involved in arranging that event.

Subscribe and Share

Our Achievements We celebrated 1-year on January 15th, 2022! We did so with very little fanfare, but managed to hold a Board meeting and add an additional board member. The really exciting news is that we are approaching 100 veterans and emergency responders who have been cleared from PTSD using Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol (TRIP). We have managed to help, or honor, over 20 other veterans in various ways, even moving one veteran from being homeless to having full-time employment, a home, and we will deliver him a car thanks to Vet to Vet Vehicles on 29 January 2022. That is just the beginning of the great things we can do. We had the privilege to work with another nonprofit, The Genius Lab, to produce a song called "Til Valhalla." It will be released in February, so keep your eyes peeled! All proceeds from this song will go to support LibertyOVE.

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