Holistic Approach to "Living Life PTSD Free"

There are three phases to our holistic approach to “Living Life PTSD Free.”

1. Preparation: learning how your brain and body work together under stress. The human factors that help you recognize and therefore process the effects of traumatic stress. We also can recommend how to train this into scenarios.

2. Intervention: we can train your force to have embedded intervention practitioners who can separate emotion from trauma on the spot. Or, anyone who thinks their PTSD is beyond repair and contact us for one-on-one intervention. This is “NO CONTENT” intervention; we need not know the cause of your trauma.

3. Follow-On Care: we remain in contact with individuals and agencies to ensure clients are clear, or trained practitioners have the backing they need. We collect the data that will be needed to move this to mainstream care one day.

Others may sell this, we want to give it away for the cost of operations. This is a massive cost savings.

We replicate the ability to heal others!

We are small, but have volunteer therapists, clinicians, and doctors serving now and waiting to for this to grow because they believe in it.

Please see our webpage and read about Trauma Intervention Recovery Protocol (TRIP) at

It worked for me, several of my personal friends, and it will work for you too. No one need suffer anymore.

If you are a police force, contact us on how to use grant money to get his critical training to your team!

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