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Hobbies can sometimes bring out a part of you that helps others. This week I had the honor of working with Toby Christensen and Dr. Janell Royster to move a poem I wrote into musical form. This is a bucket list accomplishment. The Genius Lab will release the song in February. All proceeds from the song will go to Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders to support clearing PTSD from the lives of #veterans#military#police#firefighters#ems, or to conduct training sessions for First Responder agencies and veterans groups to increase the number of people providing Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol (TRIP).

This entire journey has inspired me to consider committing to this cause full-time, hitting the road in a 5th wheel RV for a year to promote it, and to help as many as we can to #livelifeptsdfree. Any help you can provide us to increase the number of people receiving or executing this protocol is greatly appreciated. No one need suffer the effects of PTSD anymore. We are on a mission to prove it, and move it to mainstream medicine.

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