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Raving Review for Dr. Royster

This is one of many responses we get after people go through the Traumatic Recovery Intervention Protocol.

"I was provided Doctor Royster's contact information with Liberty-OVE LLC through an acquaintance and I reached out to her and had a phone call the next day to set up an appointment. The first appointment went great! I explained a little about myself and my profession which is a Police Officer and she explained what she does.

Dr. Royster asked a series of questions and it was discovered that I was suffering from PTSD. What happened next was amazing. I was amazed at what Dr. Royster was able to do as far as accessing different emotions and thoughts that were tucked away in the back of my brain. After the session, I felt a lot better and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Fast forward a few weeks and I had another session.

At the beginning of the session she asked how I was doing and I advised her that I feel more alive and active than I had in a long time since my traumatic incident. Dr. Royster began asking questions and really made me think and I was able to articulate that what I was feeling is the "fear of the unknown" is also "being vulnerable". At the end of the session, I was able to articulate what being vulnerable is and that it is in fact okay to be vulnerable. I am not 100% sure how she was able to do what she did but i can say for a fact that it works!

In the Law Enforcement profession and being a man it is challenging to be able to speak about our emotions. We are expected to push it under the rug and move on or continue with the mission and not let the stuff we see or have to do bother "us". At the end of the second session, I felt like a bigger weight was lifted off my shoulders and my work and home life started to become better (still a work in progress) but that is life. I give Dr. Royster a 10/10. I highly recommend her and her practice for what she does for people that are dealing with PTSD. Thank you for what you do Dr. Royster and know that you are changing lives!


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