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What is TRIP?

The Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol (TRIP) was derived from neuro-linguistic programming.  This protocol neurologically disconnects the trauma from the negative emotions.  To put it plainly, the events that caused the disruptive sleep, flashbacks, and nightmares will be separated as fast as the event occurred.  This works on a single event and/or multiple events that have been locked in the back of the brain and appear at the most inconvenient of times.  

Peer to Peer Capabilities

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This is not therapy but rather a protocol that can be safely and effectively run from the peer-to-peer support level which has proven beneficial in Emergency Responders as well as our veteran and active duty communities. 

Neutralizes Negative Emotions


The Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol is a process that neutralizes the negative emotions from the traumatic event.  

No Content Trauma Recall


The process does not require the details of the trauma to be discussed as the trauma may cause significant emotional distress to the individual and/or the person working with the individual.  The process is safe and uses the subconscious to separate the negative emotion and the event.

The team here at Liberty Nation can help you overcome your Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  Want to know more?  Head over to the TRIP tab at the top of the page.  You don't have to live with PTS, help is here!  Below are a few testimonials from people who have overcome PTS by completing our protocol.

"Gotta be honest, after I let my brain relax, things got a lot better.  Slept great, haven't slept in years.  AMAZING!!!"

Brian S.
United States Marine Corps, Veteran

"My patience level has increased, I slept amazingly well and I feel so much better."

Carol J.
Law Enforcement Deputy

"I only woke up once, which is weird.  I usually wake up 5-10 times per night.  I feel a lot calmer.  Like my brain and body don't know what to do without all the anger."

Cara M. 
Spouse of United States Army Veteran

"I haven't been the same since our last session.  I have yet to have a panic attack or any debilitating anxiety/etc.  I can't thank you enough!!"

Amber L.
United States Navy Veteran

"I felt lighter after even though I didnt realize before I was weighed down.  That's what I remember first feeling"

Jenny C.
Law Enforcement Officer

"Session #2 was a huge release.  Letting go!  I hold my anger and tension in my jaw; working through the emotion today and it was GONE!! Before I left, my jaw muscles were UNCLENCHED! grateful!"

Angelica S.
United States Air Force Veteran

"Doing better, not battling hyper vigilance 24/7.  Sleeping more doubt and fear of success anymore.  LOVE IT!"

Scott M. 
United States Marine Corps, Veteran

"I have that early day energy and my mind is at ease, not spinning around a plethora of negativity."

Dave C. United States Navy

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